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Midwest Wind and Solar, LLC specializes in solar electric, solar thermal and wind systems for the residential, commercial, municipal, educational, and agricultural sectors throughout the Midwest.  We are a full service organization providing grant writing, certified site analysis, design, installation, maintenance, and training.

With over 25 years of electrical, automation and project planning experience your assured of superior results.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond customer satisfaction in every project- big or small.

We feel educating our customer on the technologies of renewable energy from an un-biased; no hard sell prospective is an area that sets us apart.  The best customer is an informed customer.  Let us show you the difference- give us a call today.

“100% completely satisfied! What a joy to work with Midwest Wind and Solar. The whole process from planning to installation to follow-up was handled courteously and professionally. I highly recommend Midwest Wind and Solar anytime solar is the topic.”

Grand Rapids

“Thank you, your partners, your staff, and all the people who were involved in making my dream come true. I have dreamed of getting a solar system for 25 years. I am pleased that Midwest Wind and Solar offered fine salesmanship, professional skills, and a quality product at a reasonable price. This coupled with the State and Federal Energy rebate program made owning a solar system possible for me.”

“ I have to say we are pleased with our installation. I still love to go outside on a nice sunny day and watch the electric meter running backwards, and think that we are winning.”

“ Our system has been working flawlessly and has surpassed all our expectations. We want to thank you for all your help in the planning and system design. Midwest Wind and Solar, you are all professionals. Thanks so much for a job well done!”
Dan and Mary

“Midwest Wind and Solar is a Friendly and Professional organization. I am more than satisfied with their work. If I had to start over, I would make the same decision and use them again.”
New Castle

"None other better! No other organization can eclipse the stellar service provided by Midwest Wind and Solar.
Midwest Wind and Solar outshines (literally) all the rest! My many thanks for the informative and detailed service before, during and after installation. You will definitely not regret contracting with this company."


"I often depend on my son to sift through information for me when I need to make a decision that requires engineering knowledge. After evaluating what different companies offered, he suggested Midwest Wind and Solar. In addition to the obvious perk of the green benefits to the environment, I LOVE seeing the meter running in reverse! Midwest Wind and Solar has provided me with the information that I needed to make my energy decisions and installed my system with minimal interruption to my routine AND my power. You've been great to work with!"



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