Tri-Creek Schools Corporation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a recommendation for Midwest Wind and Solar. They have been very easy to work with and we have been pleased with their attention to detail, their workmanship and timeliness. They have dedicated time and resources to help us in our exploration of solar energy, even serving as a member of our district’s alternative energy committee. They are documenting their work to be part of a video documentary for our dedication. Midwest Wind and Solar are great listeners. Having heard our story, they became proponents of our vision and wrote into their bid proposal substantial educational components for our students and the community. They are putting up our elementary arrays and have provided solar kits for each grade at each school for our elementary teachers as well as a green screen with a documentary. In addition, they have put up an educational solar panel in front of the solar array for student experiments. Tri-Creek School Corporation could not be more pleased with our partnership with Midwest Wind and Solar. I highly recommend them to any organization. 


Debra K. Howe, Ph.D. Superintendent


Additional Information


Letter of Recommendation for Midwest Wind and Solar, LLC

Valley View School District is located in the Bolingbrook and Romeoville communities in Will County, Illinois. Our school district is comprised of twenty schools, with a combined student population of approximately 17,500.

During the spring and summer of 2017, Midwest Wind and Solar designed and installed solar panel arrays on five of our schools, consisting of 5,787 panels with 77 inverters, for a combined output of approximately 1.92 megawatts of electric generation.

We are very pleased with the installation and service provided by Midwest Wind and Solar. Throughout the course of the project, they were extremely professional, utilizing skilled installers and high quality equipment. The installation crew was very pleasant to work with, and kept us informed of their progress and any issues encountered during the installation. They continue to provide follow up service and monitor our production, keeping us on track with our goal of renewable energy production. Their company co-owners, Marc van Dongen and Kevin Moore, have been hands on in ensuring our system is fully operational.

I would highly recommend Midwest Wind and Solar to anyone considering a solar project.

Michael M. Lopez I Architect I LEED AP

Director of Facility Operations

Valley View School District 365U


Michigan City Schools

To whom it may concern:

Recently we entered into a solar project at seven of our facilities with Midwest Wind and Solar and

also Performance Services to help reduce our energy costs. The project have a very short timeline

to complete to take advantage of the lock-in of net metering with our local utility provider, and I

wanted to take this opportunity to thank Midwest Wind and Solar for the professional services that

they provided to us and sustaining a safe working environment for our staff and their employees

during the project. The employees that they had on site were very informative acted in a

professional manner at all times and did not interrupt our daily activities so once again I want to

thank them again and I see us doing more projects in the future utilizing them as the provider for

our next projects.


Dave Williamson, Operations Manager/Facilities Engineer, Michigan City Area Schools/Sodexo


Dutch American Foods


To whom it may concern,

Midwest Wind and Solar was contracted by Dutch American Foods to install 2,832 roof mounted 325W solar modules. The installation of this solar panel system was completed this past year in late October.

Midwest Wind and Solar completed the project in a professional and timely manner. They were easy to work with and were open about any issues and concerns they had. They also handled the permit applications and other paperwork necessary for the project. The solar panels have been online for almost three months and as far as we know the results are consistent with the proposals given to us.

We highly recommend Midwest Wind & Solar for their quality work installing solar panels and related equipment at our facility.


Jacob Andringa, Controller DAF





I started working with the folks at Midwest Wind & Solar in the spring of 2015. They installed a 16 kW net metering system on my house in Munster, Indiana. It was the first solar system installed in the Town of Munster, so they had to educate the electrical inspector as well as the city engineer. The system became operational on July 2 of that year and I have not purchased a single watt of electricity from Nipsco since that time.

Through Midwest Wind & Solar I learned about Nipsco's lottery for their FIT program for renewable energy installations. Our company was fortunate to be drawn for a 200 kW AC solar system. It turned out that the local folks at Nipsco had never been involved with a large FIT installation, so the folks at Midwest not only had to deal with the normal problems of installing such a large system, they had to educate and work their way through an education process with the utility


In both contracts Midwest did an excellent and professional installation. I would highly recommend that Tri-Creek School Corporation install a solar system and give strong consideration to working with the folks at Midwest Wind & Solar. If you would like to discuss this feel free to give me a call on my cell phone 219-689- 8233, or drive by my house in Munster for a visual inspection.


WC Beatty